The Profitable Business Author: 14 Day Kickstart (online course)

The Profitable Business Author: 14 Day Kickstart (online course)

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A 14-Day Guided Writing Experience Designed to Help You Finally Write Your Business Book.

I know what’s keeping you stuck, and I know how to help you through it.

This guided writing experience guides you through the exact book development process I’ve used to ghostwrite for and coach multimillion dollar best selling authors like Russell Brunson, Alex Hormozi, Amanda Holmes, and Alex Charfen.

 Whether you’re writing your book by yourself, using AI assistance, or you have a professional writer helping you—Let me help you bypass the obstacles and GET IT DONE!

(Don’t worry, I know you’re busy! That’s why this experience will help you make progress on your book in as little as 20 minutes a day.)


BONUS TRAINING: After a workshop like this, everyone asks me “what do I do next?” “how do I find a publisher?” “What if I want to self-publish?”…Don’t worry, I won’t keep you hanging. I’ll deliver a special training to go over all your questions about publishing and how to get your book out into the world in the most sensible way for your goals.