The Writing Zone
The Writing Zone
The Writing Zone

The Writing Zone

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Bring More Energy, Clarity, and Creativity to Every Writing Session

  • Outsmart Procrastination
  • Defeat Writer’s Block
  • Conquer Self Doubt

The Writing Zone is designed to help you get into the right emotional and energetic state for writing, no matter what the circumstances around you.

Here's what's included:

Audio 1: Warm Up

Use this recording to help you warm up, get energized and focused on what you need to write.

Audio 2: Emotional Transitions

Use this recording to tap into the emotions you're trying to elicit in the current piece of writing. You can also use it when switching states from one scene to another or one type of writing to another, like a fight scene to a love scene, or an article to a sales letter.

Audio 3: Rev Up Tools

Use this recording when you're running low on energy, but you'd like to keep writing.

Audio 4: Turning Down The Noise (in your head)

Use this recording when the negative voices in your head start interfering with your productivity. (You know, the ones whispering things like Who are you to write a book? You have no idea what you're doing. You're no good at this. Why are you wasting your time?)

Audio 5: Wrap Up

Use this recording to create a ritual for the end of your writing sessions to set you up for a great next session.